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Sedation Dentistry in 
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One of the most important factors for facilitating effective dental treatment and care is to help patients remain as relaxed and comfortable as possible. For that reason, Gulf Coast Dental Associates is pleased to offer dental sedation options.

We offer the following types of sedation at our practice:

  • Local Anesthesia: Local anesthetic is used to numb the immediate location of dental work. By doing this, the patient is less likely to experience pain or discomfort during treatment. Unlike other methods of sedation, a local anesthetic will have no effect on the patient’s mental state. This can be good because the patient will remain completely aware of their surroundings and actions, but it also means that the patient’s anxiety will not be directly reduced. However, some patients take comfort in knowing that local anesthesia will prevent them from experiencing any major discomfort. Local anesthetic can be combined with other forms of sedation.
  • Laughing Gas: Laughing gas is safe in controlled dosages, and it is easily administered by having the patient wear a special mask. The effects of laughing gas take effect very quickly, and the patient will almost immediately lose any unpleasant feelings of anxiety. Instead, they will feel a pleasant sensation of overall comfort and well-being. Once the treatment is over, the effects of the laughing gas will disappear rapidly. The patient should then be able to carry on with their day as normal.
  • Oral Sedation: A patient who receives oral sedation will consume a simple pill shortly prior to receiving treatment. The medicine will take a longer time to go into effect, but it will be highly effective in helping a patient remain calm and relaxed during treatment. With oral sedation, the medicine is relatively powerful, and a patient may be less aware of their surroundings during treatment. It may then take several hours before the patient will return to normal, and they may have little recollection of the procedure being performed. For that reason, we require any patient who receives oral sedation to arrange for assistance getting home after treatment. We usually reserve oral sedation for more serious dental procedures.

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Elmar Keijzer

Great experience. Client now for more than a year and had 3 visits. They have the newest equipment, great staff and reasonable prices (with savings plan I already had).

Bob Crowley

My first two experiences with Gulf Coast Dental have been exceptional. I plan to continue to make Dr, Soni and his staff my dental providers.

Ramon Michele Cejas

I have a crown done with them and they did a great job. You’ll see their beautiful smiling faces as soon as you walk in. Friendly and professionals. I am very pleased with their customer service. I highly recommend to everyone looking to have a dental work done. Thank you!

A graduate of University of Maryland in Baltimore, MD, Dr. Spears has built a foundation of knowledge and experience in Dentistry.

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