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One of the most common issues seen in dental patients is periodontitis, also referred to as gum disease. This is a condition that occurs when an individual’s gums become irritated due to prolonged exposure to bacteria, tartar, and plaque.

Some common signs of gum disease in its earliest stages include slightly darkened and swollen gums, minor gum discomfort and a small amount of bleeding during brushing and flossing.

Nearly half of all adults currently suffer from some type of gum disease. Most people think that the condition is a relatively minor problem, and they choose to simply ignore it. But this can be a major mistake, as the condition can quickly spread to the jawbone and the connective tissues of teeth. If this happens, a person can eventually lose their teeth. Fortunately, people who receive active treatment for this condition rarely reach this critical stage. Gulf Coast Dental Associates is prepared to provide top-quality periodontal services and treatments for patients suffering from all stages of gum disease.

We offer the following periodontal services at Gulf Coast Dental Associates:

  • Scaling and Root Planning: Scaling and root planning is a proven treatment for stopping periodontitis in its early stages and restoring the health of one’s gums. This procedure starts by using advanced dental tools to access the areas deep below the person’s gum line to clean out any harmful material. Next, the root surfaces are smoothed out in order to prevent any future buildups from occurring.
  • Dental Crown Lengthening: When gum disease occurs, it is common for the gum tissue to become inflamed and swollen. When this happens, it can cause a person to develop a “gummy” smile that can appear unattractive. Dental crown lengthening involves cutting away the swollen gum tissue to even out the gumline and restore the appearance of the individual’s smile. This procedure may also be used to access teeth that have experienced any damage or decay below the gum line.
  • Gingivectomy: A gingivectomy is a more advanced treatment method than traditional scaling and root planing. When providing a gingivectomy, our experts will cut away any diseased or loose gum tissue in order to access and remove any harmful material that lies underneath. The main goal of a gingivectomy is to prevent the condition from reaching the jawbone, as very serious damage can follow if that happens.
  • Bone Grafting: Once gum disease spreads to the jawbone, a bone grafting procedure is usually needed to restore the deteriorated structure. This procedure involves surgically accessing the damaged jawbone so that special proteins and artificial bone materials can be applied. This will stimulate new bone growth and encourage the structure to regenerate.

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Elmar Keijzer

Great experience. Client now for more than a year and had 3 visits. They have the newest equipment, great staff and reasonable prices (with savings plan I already had).

Bob Crowley

My first two experiences with Gulf Coast Dental have been exceptional. I plan to continue to make Dr, Soni and his staff my dental providers.

Ramon Michele Cejas

I have a crown done with them and they did a great job. You’ll see their beautiful smiling faces as soon as you walk in. Friendly and professionals. I am very pleased with their customer service. I highly recommend to everyone looking to have a dental work done. Thank you!

A graduate of University of Maryland in Baltimore, MD, Dr. Spears has built a foundation of knowledge and experience in Dentistry.

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