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These are all areas that may be difficult to reach or simply overlooked when brushing and flossing. If an individual doesn’t take the proper steps to clean out their oral bacteria regularly, it is very likely that bad breath will occur.

When a person realizes they are experiencing halitosis, they will often try and treat the problem on their own by using gum, mints and mouth rinses. Unfortunately, these techniques only mask bad breath. Professional halitosis treatments focus on the true cause of the problem so that the issue can be stopped once and for all. Simply masking the problem won’t actually help an individual achieve better breath. Instead, the oral bacteria must be cleaned out of the mouth entirely.

The experts at Strategic Dental Care work to help patients maintain pleasant breath in many ways. All of our regular checkups include a professional cleaning that is designed to eliminate bacteria. We encourage patients to visit our practice every six months for the purpose. After their regular checkup, the patient should enjoy freshened breath for many months to follow.

Halitosis may also be the result of gum disease. This condition occurs when the gums become irritated due to prolonged exposure to harmful bacteria. If the problem is allowed to manifest, an unpleasant odor may occur. Strategic Dental Care offers periodontal services to clean out the bacteria that is below the gum line. This can help to greatly reduce bad breath.

The best way to maintain fresh breath is to practice good oral hygiene and to keep the mouth free of any harmful, odor-causing bacteria. Patients should remember to brush at least twice per day and to floss once per day. They should also make sure to receive a complete dental checkup at least twice per year.


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    Mellisa K.

    The staff is so personable at Strategic Dental Care. The doctors are all wonderful and truly care about the patients. The assistants make you truly comfortable while your in the dental chair. The office is high tech and all digital. The office is conveniently located off Tamiami Trail and easy to locate. Can’t wait for my next visit!

    Heather S.

    Dr. Krause is absolutely amazing … I had an emergency with an old crown and he brought me right in and fixed me up… hands down, best dentist I have ever had (and I’ve had a lot) … Beautiful office, professional staff, I couldn’t ask for more

    Vincent D.

    I’ve always gotten the best service from Dr Schweizer, everyone at the office is very knowledgeable and professional, all the staff is very friendly. Since moving down to Florida, Dr Schweizer has been the only dentist I’ve had, which has been about 30 years. I don’t think I would feel comfortable seeing any one else.


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